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Partner of the week: Gitega Artistic Centre

Posted in Partner of the week on 13 October 2020

The Gitega Artistic Centre is an NGO based in the capital of Burundi that focuses on the professional empowerment of local artists through training and education courses in computer and internet skills.

The GAC is dedicated to supporting young people in their artistic initiatives in order to further encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with the necessary foundation for independent and self-sufficient living. This is achieved mainly by training young people in various sectors and trades in their ongoing efforts to combat unemployment and poverty, training youth supervisors to specialise in child protection and children's rights, and creating access to spaces where young people can display and sell their products.

At the same time, the GAC aims to support art and culture in Burundi, particularly through the promotion of a healthy environment reinforced by sustainable waste recycling initiatives to beautify the cities. This allows young people to become more involved in their immediate environment as they develop their own initiatives, and encourages a wider audience to see the impact of youth engagement and the improvement it inspires.


Our partnership:

The GAC currently reaches over a thousand students a year and hopes to expand its reach after recently partnering with Aflatoun International at the beginning of the year! By implementing the Aflatoun social and financial education programme for children aged 3 to 18, the GAC aims to enrich their organisation's existing training programmes and activities, in addition to building the capacities of their team members through optimal teacher training. More specifically, by integrating the Aflatoun curricula into the GAC "Digital Unify" programme in cooperation with the STMicroelectronics Foundation, which aims to provide young people with ICT skills.

"What we like most about the Aflatoun methodology is the brainstorming method that gives children a space to express themselves. The active learning methodology is really exciting for young boys."

Together, the Gitega Artistic Centre and Aflatoun are pursuing common goals to strengthen the social and financial independence of young people in the ongoing global fight against poverty!



The GAC has mobilised local organisations for training events focusing on training teachers and trainers on the theme of social and financial education for children in Burundi. These events have provided an opportunity for participants to discuss and analyse various strategies on best practices and the implementation of children's programmes.