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The Coaching Academy turns to women of non-EU 15 immigrant background living in Wallonia

After several events in Africa around the global challenge of education for all, we are focusing on women of non-EU 15 immigrant background living in Belgium, and mainly in Wallonia.

The aim of our action is to help these immigrant women, mainly job-seekers or project leaders, to integrate into the Belgian labour market.

They will receive free support from our professional coaches from Europe, Africa and America.

They will then have the opportunity to do an internship in a company or receive personalised support in implementing their projects.

We also invite you to visit our website to discover the work we have been doing on gender equality and decent work in recent years.

If you know a woman who would be interested in this opportunity. Please share the information with her.

We start in mid-October and our head office is now in Wallonia.

Your registrations can be sent by email to our address

Here: 7th Wallonia edition

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