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Fair for florists and professional decorators at Pożnan

Special Days Poznan

                                    25 - 28 February 2020 | Exhibition of decorative items and floristry


The Special Days are a product fair for decorative items and floristry, which takes place once a year in Poznań. Local and national exhibitors show the full range of decorative items for every season and every occasion, including Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Halloween, Autumn and Valentine's Day. The target groups include garden centres, hardware stores, flower shops and reference centres, which are given ideas and advice on the design of their screens, shop windows and sales areas by industry professionals. In addition, the fair offers a wide selection of artificial plants and cut flowers, as well as floristry equipment and supplies. As an information and communication platform, the exhibition offers informative discussions with industry experts, master florists and representatives of the trade press and associations on current issues and trends in the industry, as well as insights into future trends. The highlights of the fair are the first-class flower shows with sophisticated floral arrangements, which lead visitors into the world of floristry.

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