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I have not really made any resolutions for the new year other than trying to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and convey all these small joys to you in order to communicate all of this energy and this positive attitude. I would like to promote this region that is so dear to me, which I love so much in order that it can continue to hold a privileged place in our hearts!

In December, I was lucky to discover several culinary treats made in Belgium that I am very eager to share with you! At an evening event organised by AWEX, I also had the opportunity to meet a group of fascinating people and two of our ambassadors who have been travelling around the world for generations: Mr Galler and Madame Bister.


Belmio is a Belgian company that is launching aluminium coffee pods compatible with Nespresso coffee machines offering a Belgian alternative to existing coffee pods. Five capsules of different intensity are available for your coffee breaks. A box contains 10 capsules and the recommended retail price is €3.29.




Teatower is a Liege-based company which refines teas and herbal teas mainly from China. More than 400 references are available, as well as a large range of accessories for your own pleasure or the pleasure of others. A sachet contains 20 small bags for a price varying between €4 to €6.50. I personally chose the Acai and Goji Berry Green Tea and a Rooibos and Royal Orange Tea. I can only recommend their products to tea lovers! The aroma is simply unbelievable!


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Without a doubt, my absolute favourite from the end of the year, Vincent transports us A La Belge around our different regions for a great association between fleur de sel and a typical Belgian product such as our wonderful Spéculoos, Herve cheese and even a good black beer! My garlic and parsley phial was a great hit at the end of year festivities! Each phial contains 30 g of aromatised salt and costs €5. And for those who don't see the point of this or who are lacking inspiration, take a look here! Our friends in Liege are really full of surprises!




Another incredible discovery, Do Eat Yourself or the edible verrine if you prefer! Yes, the containers are edible, natural and gluten-free, which allows you to taste your savoury or sweet preparations without any waste. Can you believe it? And, it is a Belgian company that has done it! Do you remember how, as a child, you used to enjoy tearing off pieces of paper with your teeth? It's a little like that! Guaranteed fun for your evenings with friends! One packet contains 25 verrines and costs about €10 (large verrines).




For food lovers (like me ;-) ), Les Bonbons de Grand-mère, confectionery with a taste that transports you, titillates your taste buds and reminds you of your childhood, are a real treat! These sweets are always made traditionally in the same way as in the past in the region of Liege and are aromatised with natural fruit extracts. Thirty flavours are available as well as insect lollipops, Lollibugs.




There is no more need to present the world famous Galler chocolate that is the pride of Belgium! It is now available everywhere in small or large quantities, and is of disconcerting sweetness or strength, for young and old alike, available in a multitude of formats. You will find it hard to choose just one! This chocolate reflects the personality of its creator, who, no doubt, is a master in his art, but also a man of character, who is both intelligent and human! Of our dear Jean, I remember an unusual career and words that have followed me since our first meeting: "Where some people see problems, others see opportunities". For me, this is the definition of great progress! Thank you to him for his enriching intervention during the Wallonia ambassador evenings! Otherwise, on the theme of chocolate, my favourite is the white one with Matcha tea! Pure pleasure...



I hope that I have made your mouths water and that you too will sample these delicious treats prepared by our Belgian friends!

And, to celebrate the new year, allow me to offer you 4 x 3 boxes of Belmio coffee!

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