Murshid Ismail, Murshid Ismail, Management Director at Top Mix Engineering in Malaysia.

Eloy, a partner of genuine worth 19/02/2014

Murshid Ismail, Management Director at Top Mix Engineering in Malaysia, explains why he decided to work with the...

Marius Hoffermanns, German trader specialising in Whisky

The Belgian Owl 12/11/2013

A German trader spcialising in Whisky, comments the new Whisky produced by The Belgian Owl.

Olshi Eiji, Kyoto Biken Lab Director in Japan

New generation medicines 30/10/2013

Kyoto Biken Lab Director reports the good results obtained with the new medicines developed by Delphi Genetics.

Jacqueline Mambu, teacher in Congo

Blue gold in the Congo 30/10/2013

The fight of ALTECH for a pure water in the Congo.

Kazuyoshi Takemoto, President of the company Brand Takemoto Foods in Japan.

Chocolate and cafés 30/10/2013

In Japan, Galler chocolates bring a touch of "European elegance" to the cafés.

Jean-Pierre Chisogne, AMOS' commercial director

Stars and men 30/10/2013

Jean Pierre Chisogne, AMOS'commercial director, explains the system for following the stars developped for Chile.