Murshid Ismail, Murshid Ismail, Management Director at Top Mix Engineering in Malaysia.

Eloy, a partner of genuine worth 19/02/2014

Murshid Ismail, Management Director at Top Mix Engineering in Malaysia, explains why he decided to work with the...

Sophie Houtmeyers, Director of the EDC - Skechers

Sophie Houtmeyers - Skechers 07/11/2013

At Milmort, we have the advantage of an ideal location and are continuing with the expansion of our EDC.

Tomas Casanova Bustos is 28 years old and is studying for a PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Tomas Casanova Bustos 31/10/2013

PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Olshi Eiji, Kyoto Biken Lab Director in Japan

New generation medicines 30/10/2013

Kyoto Biken Lab Director reports the good results obtained with the new medicines developed by Delphi Genetics.

Jacqueline Mambu, teacher in Congo

Blue gold in the Congo 30/10/2013

The fight of ALTECH for a pure water in the Congo.

Jean-Pierre Chisogne, AMOS' commercial director

Stars and men 30/10/2013

Jean Pierre Chisogne, AMOS'commercial director, explains the system for following the stars developped for Chile.