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3S Homecare: the 100% Tournai invention12/02/2019

At the beginning of January, CES Las Vegas, the world's largest high-tech trade fair, presented an award to the Tournai company Intersysto for its "3S Homecare" software. This digital application for the elderly could well revolutionise home help for senior citizens and allow the company to gain a reputation beyond our borders.

Intersysto, founded in 2006, is an SME specialising in software development that provides support for home help and home management for the elderly. Based in Tournai, and present throughout the Walloon Region and in Brussels, the company headed by Dominique Duhayon was awarded a prestigious prize for its "3S Homecare" software at the Las Vegas CES, the world's largest technology trade fair. This application, accessible on smartphones and tablets, aims to optimise patient care at home by maintaining a permanent connection with their doctor, caregiver, family, cleaning lady, etc. "In addition to the fact that not everyone can afford to go into a home, waiting lists are also getting longer and people sometimes have to wait months or even years before a room becomes available. Not to mention that the length of hospital stays is getting shorter and shorter, again due to a lack of beds. In our opinion, there is no better place to live in old age or to begin the recovery process than at home, provided, of course, that patients receive equivalent care," explains the CEO of Intersysto.

By encoding all medical data and observations, the various stakeholders can give other providers a global view of the patient's state of health and thus reduce the risks of information loss, which can be detrimental to the health of the elderly person. "For example, if the physiotherapist visits and believes that the patient should not be moved for the time being, they will stick a post-it note on the refrigerator, which we might or might not see. Today, this is the first piece of information sent to the other health care providers," says Dominique Duhayon. In addition, for a subscription of 20 euros per month, the beneficiary can download the application onto their tablet or smartphone. "It will inform them of the different providers who will come and visit during the day and remind them of the various health-related tasks they need to perform, such as taking their medication, measuring their blood pressure or answering a questionnaire. It really is as if the patient is in hospital, except that they are at home."

The software has already been adopted by several thousand people in Belgium and will soon be used by 90 coordination centres throughout France, as well as a thousand patients in Casablanca. In addition, the CES Award is a major springboard for the company, as Dominique Duhayon points out, "here in Las Vegas, we met people from all over the world. And we realised that the way we designed this product to support senior citizens at home is of interest not only to the countries bordering Belgium, but to many other countries as well.”


Source : Le Soir - RTBF

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