Bean-to-Bar chocolate wows the United States26/06/2020

Everyone knows that Belgium is famous for its delicious chocolate. This is thanks to our excellent artisan chocolatiers such as Millésime Chocolat, the Liège-based manufacturer of the organic "Bean-to-Bar" chocolate; as well as only manufacturing organic products, some of which have won awards in London and Taiwan, they are also spreading their reputation throughout the world, most recently in the United States where it has won its first contract.

What is bean-to-bar? Bean-to-bar is a term used to describe chocolate-makers who work directly with the cocoa bean. There are very few factories of this type in Belgium, but Millésime Chocolat is one of them. They produce exclusively chocolate that is vintage, from a specific terroir, a specific geographic zone and therefore ... limited! Their wish is to highlight the work of nature, whose flavours change from year to year, while also preserving the characteristics of each region or country. Their approach is to work only with beans from exceptional plantations and terroirs; the beans come from trees that respect the ancestral genetics of cocoa trees.

And this love for the bean is so evident in every delicious chocolate bar produced by the Liège company that it is continuing its international rise, even during the current health crisis. Having conquered Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Canada, it is now the turn of the United States!

Indeed, Millésime Chocolat has just landed a major contract with a new distributor, opening the doors to the North American market, where it will begin by selling eight of its best-selling bars in speciality stores. This is the start of a new adventure for this wonderful company that perfectly represents Walloon know-how.

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