Horse-Pass: the first horse trading platform07/07/2020

This is another good example of the fact that the crisis we are currently experiencing can also be a good opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Owner of the Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes (Hainaut) and founder of EEM, which organises some of the biggest international show jumping competitions, Christophe Ameeuw has joined forces with the teams of The Auction online auction to create Horse-Pass©, the first platform for the sale and purchase of sport horses in Europe and around the world.

Inspired by the world of art and the digital models used in other sectors, this new digital tool puts buyers and sellers directly in touch with each other without intermediaries or transaction costs. Potential buyers will be able to carry out searches, talk to sellers via a messaging system and add the horses they are interested in to a "wishlist". The originality of the concept consists of also proposing, events to enhance the value of the horses for sale. The horses participating in the Horse-Pass Events may also be selected for The Auction online auction held a few days after the events. 

In 2009, horse-riding fan Christophe Ameeuw created EEM (Equestrian Events Managements SPRL) from the Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes, with the aim of reinventing show jumping by organising new equestrian events all over the world. In 2015, the Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes also opened an international academy which offers a complete, high-level training programme for amateur riders.

The complete website of the new online platform will not be finalised until the beginning of August, but the first Horse-Pass Events meeting will take place on 20-21 July at the Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes.

"In tomorrow's world, the equestrian universe is changing to respond to new behaviours. Re-invention requires the modernisation, transparency and reliability of the process of buying and selling sport horses. I really believe that this is the right time to launch the Horse-Pass model," stressed Christophe Ameeuw. 

Having been one of the first to announce the cancellation of a major sporting event due to the coronavirus (in January 2020 with the Longines Masters in Hong Kong), Christophe Ameeuw announced a few weeks ago that EEM was ending its collaboration with the Longines Masters title. It is proving once again that with creativity, challenges can open up great opportunities.

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