Jurassic Park at Pairi Daiza14/05/2018

Dinosaurs may have become extinct 65 million years ago, but they are making a major comeback in Belgium to entertain visitors to Pairi Daiza park.

Several species, including triceratops, brachiosaurus and dilophosaurus, can be admired in the Jardin des Mondes at the animal park in Brugelette until 4 November 2018. The public will be able to observe 14 animated dinosaurs among the 7,000 residents of the Jardin des Mondes and let their imagination run wild as they watch them.

This is a first for Belgium; the dinosaurs involved in this project were chosen for their scientific accuracy and can be seen in a specially-designed area in the Terre du Froid forest.

This Billings Production creation was produced with surprising accuracy based on the latest scientific findings; it arrived from Texas after a week-long boat journey and is setting foot in Belgium for the first time.

It can be seen until 4 November in accordance with the park's opening times.

Source: L'Avenir

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