A medical waste treatment platform in Wallonia ?27/03/2019

AMB-Ecosteryl wants to create an integrated platform for the treatment of hospital waste in Wallonia. The Mons company is therefore looking for partners to develop its project !

Founded in 1947, AMB is a private family group originally dedicated to the design and production of specific machines for the extractive industry. For more than 15 years now, the company has focused on developing new equipment for the treatment of medical waste, to help maintain a healthy environment and promote sustainable development. The company, which exports 100% of its production, has already installed 150 machines in 50 countries around the world and its customers include major environmental companies specialised in waste and wastewater management.

AMB is therefore looking for partners to create an integrated medical waste treatment platform in Wallonia. "We have not had the chance to install our system in Belgium yet, but it should not be long now because after building a reputation all over the world, especially in neighbouring countries such as France, where we are the leader, and in other European countries, we thought it would be quite good for Wallonia's image if we could install our technology ourselves and thus treat and recover hospital waste in Wallonia," said Olivier Dufrasne, Sales Director and President of AMB Ecosteryl. The managers of AMB Ecosteryl are open to all possible options for managing this platform, and hope to be able to implement the project this year.

The machines produced by AMB use a process that is unique in the world. "All hospital waste will be put in our machine to be shredded," explained Olivier Dufrasne. "We reduce the volume of waste by 80%. It becomes a kind of confetti that we then heat with microwaves to a temperature of 100°C. It is exposed to this temperature for one hour and emerges, continuously, as unrecognisable waste. Ultimately, we turn hazardous waste into non-hazardous waste."

The company, which employs about forty people and has a turnover of 15 million euros, offers its services at a lower price than the competition, which generally treats infectious waste at almost 1,000 euros per tonne. In addition, the company has just created a new solution, Neo-Ecosteryl, which allows waste to be recycled rather than sent to landfill. The plastic materials are reused while the rest of the waste, once reduced in volume, is used as an alternative fuel for cement manufacturers. Finally, their assembly hall, located in Mons, will be expanded this year, doubling production capacity. AMB Ecosteryl will then be able to produce two machines per month.

Source : l'Echo - RTBF


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