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Mouscron home to the largest virtual reality park in Europe

Virtual park

Virtual Park is a leisure centre dedicated to virtual reality and augmented reality. It is located in the Mouscron zone and comprises 4,000m² of virtual game space. The concept is simple; just put a headset over your eyes for a 360° view of a different world.

There are up to seven virtual and augmented reality worlds suitable for all ages over 3. The park has a large number of VR/AR games offering fun, educational or extreme experiences. Sensors, also called full body tracking, are placed in the games areas and allow players to be precisely located in the room, making the effect as realistic as possible.

These sensors mean that it is impossible for players to bump into each other because they can meet in the game under the guise of fictional characters.

The aim of the park is to allow the public to use technologies that they would not be able to afford. This technology is very expensive and still remains fairly restricted. This is why this park was opened, as its founders thought about this little problem and offered to test these headsets at prices starting at €40 for a child and €50 for an adult; the park will be open six days a week and can host 300 people a day.

To keep up with the constant development of technology, the two founders will have to permanently reinvent themselves, which will require ongoing investments.

The managers have set their sights high by targeting Belgian clients and those in neighbouring countries.

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