Night routes to Vienna from Brussels26/11/2019

SNCB is currently working with the Austrian railway company ÖBB to put night trains into service between Brussels and Vienna, via Liège-Guillemins and Germany. With this in mind, it will organise a number of test runs in the coming weeks in collaboration with the ÖBB, first on part of the route and then on the entire route. The objective is to be operational from next January.

Imagine a Europe connected by rail

This new night route is one step closer to realising one of SNCB's dreams: to build a Europe of railways and unite European citizens through the train: "SNCB wishes to play an active role in rail links between European cities", the Belgian railway company told RTBF.

It is a trip that the people of Brussels and Liège will be able to make twice a week from Brussels North or Brussels South, and therefore from Liege-Guillemins, in about five hours.

Growing night jets  

This future link between the Belgian and Austrian capitals (there is only one capital for these two countries) will probably not be the only one to see the light of day soon. The Austrians also plan to link Vienna to Trieste in 2021, as revealed by Andreas Matthä to the Wiener Zeitung newspaper in an interview published on Saturday.

These routes, for which the financial cost has not yet been revealed, are reminiscent of the glory days of Liège night trains, which seemed to be over in 2003. They also illustrate a stated desire to travel differently, towards a greener alternative. Indeed, current events continue to make us question the heavy ecological impact of air travel.

If you are romantic, an aficionado of classical music and fond of Kaiserschmarrn, the famous Viennese pancake-like pastry shop, don't hesitate any longer! All aboard soon for Austria !

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