Once upon a time there were Belgian waffels in South Africa06/09/2019

“It always seems impossible until it is done”, Mandela said. Such a sentence certainly means a lot for Nathalie Sonnet and Sébastien Willé, the founders of the Wilson’s Waffles. This strong-willed couple from Liège decided to export a bit of their Belgian know-how onto the roads of South Africa.


Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared! Here is the recipe for success… founded on wafer batter. Here is all you need to succeed: a motivated couple of bakers, some Belgian waffle irons and a food truck on the roads between Cape Town and Muizenberg.

Guess what? This is precisely where the story begins for Nathalie and her husband Sébastien. As they were both fed up with their jobs, this couple from Liège took a decision which would definitely change their outlook on life: they would bring a paramount piece of the Belgian gastronomy to Madiba’s country so that Mandela’s heirs could discover their soon-to-be-famous waffles.

After receiving both the best waffle from Liege award and a training with outstanding bakers, Nathalie-a former manager in a wellness center- and Sébastien – a former mechanic- are now ready to leave for southern lands next month. Nathalie, Sébastien and their little boy are not flying empty-handed as they travel with Belgian waffle irons in their luggage.


These pastries lovers set a crowdfunding up in order to make sure everything will go according to plan.  Thanks to this participatory fund, Nathalie and Sébastien wish they could finance the material they need to make and store their preparations together with what appears as their most important tool: their food truck. The founders of the Wilson’s factory truly hope that their business could flourish in South Africa but building local partnerships is also essential to them. This is why they decided to contact the farmer of the Stellenbosh University quarter, in Cape Town.


Once Nathalie and Sébastien will be on the roads of Muizenberg, a place which apparently is a synonym of paradise for surfers, not only will they treat locals as they also plan to do their best to preserve the planet Earth. If they collect enough funds to reach such an objective, they will equip their truck with solar panels. This way, they will take advantage of the South African warm climate while preserving it. The lovers know that every little gesture in favor of our planet counts, they finally wish they could use a sustainable waffle wrapping system only.

Best wishes and safe travels to this Belgian family! If you want to contribute to their delicious project, please click here


Source photo: Nathalie Sonnet des Gaufres Wilson’s

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