• Inauguration of the park in Shanghai

Opening of the first Smurfs theme park in Shanghai30/06/2020

A large indoor theme park opened at the end of May 2020 near Shanghai - the first Smurfs theme park in the world! Three thematic zones have been created to scale so that visitors, who are only knee high to a grasshopper, can feel immersed in the fantastic world of the little blue elves created by Peyo. The result of cooperation between Shimao Property Holdings (China), IMPS (the Genval-based Walloon company that manages the rights to the Smurfs) and KCC Entertainment Design, a Belgian theme park specialist, the project integrates the 17 sustainable developmental goals of the United Nations and UNICEF (already supported by the Smurfs for several years) throughout the park, inviting visitors to join the "Smurfs Team" to contribute together to the creation of a better world.

The park contains 29 Smurf-themed attractions (such as the Smurfs Berry Factory roller coaster, Gargamel's interactive haunted house and the Swamp Adventure 3D Dark ride). There is more than enough to give children and even adults an unforgettable moment of escape. It took two years to build this indoor space, which spans more than 8,000 m².

The route starts with the fantasy forest (2,500 m²) which contains several major attractions and is the gateway to the other two areas.

Firstly, the wonderful Smurf Village (3,000 m²), where children can meet their favourite heroes, explore and play in the mushroom houses of the little blue men. The various rides will allow them to discover the daily life of the Smurfs.

And secondly, the house of Gargamel (2,500 m²), the Smurfs' sworn enemy! Here, visitors will have a thrilling experience while they try to save the Smurfs captured by Gargamel and will have to try to escape from the evil wizard's house.

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