• "Unité 42"

The series "Unité 42" wins an award in Geneva23/11/2017

The Geneva International Film Festival's list of award winners was unveiled on 11 November. Selected in the TV series International competition section, Unité 42 got a special Mention from the TV series Jury.

The Jury explained its choice in a few sentences: " We would also like to give a special mention to the creators of the series Unité 42 who have managed to create a classic series, as deep from a psychological point of view as it gives you palpitations from a scenario point of view. The combination of the actor and the production further sublimes real quality storytelling."

The crime series focusses on a duo of police officers, Sam Leroy (Patrick Ridremont) and Billie Vebber (Constance Gay).

Still devastated by the recent death of his wife, Samuel Leroy changes department to form the Brussels Cyber Crime Unit. He is faced with new codes and has to learn to work alongside the young idealist Billie Vebber, a freshly recruited hacker who illegally pursues her own interests.

Based on a scenario with Annie Carels, Charlotte Joulia, Julie Bertrand, Sammy Fransquet and Anne-Charlotte Hassab, the series Unité 42 is directed by Indra Siera, Roel Mondelaers and Hendrik Moonen. It is produced by John Engel (Left Field Ventures) and the RTBF with the help of the Fonds Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – RTBF for the Belgian series, co-produced with Proximus, Casa Cafka Pictures Movie Tax Shelter Empowered by Belfius and with the participation of the Bruxelles-Capitale Region.

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