Two Walloon restaurants named among Europe's top23/05/2017

Le Coq aux Champs and l’Air du Temps, two Walloon restaurants that have succeeded in being placed in the American rankings of the best European restaurants. In 128th and 31st place respectively, they appear among the continent's 200 best restaurants according to OAD (Opinionated About Dining), a survey conducted by 4,500 people, recording over 160,000 opinions from all walks of life.

In 128th place, Le Coq aux Champs is a restaurant in Soheit-Tinlot, which has undergone a recent refurbishment. As for L’Air du Temps, in 31st place, this is a restaurant in Eghezée, in the Province of Namur. 

The survey includes the opinion of U.S. residents knowledgeable about food. It was started by Steve Plotnicki, a New Yorker passionate about restaurants. In addition to our two Walloon restaurants, the ranking names a restaurant in Brussels and around ten in Flanders.

Christophe Pauly at Le Coq aux Champs is described as a "true craftsman... Between precision and refinement, the chef manages to transform each product - all high quality - through subtle textures and flavours, with a preference for sweet and sour nuances. A special mention for the wine water who also provided an excellent service. This Ardennes house sparkles!" by the Michelin Guide

And "Since 1997, Sang Hoon Degeimbre has raised the concept of foodpairing (marriage of ingredients) to an art form; relying on new techniques, he plays on flavours and textures, creating highly original, graphic and flavoursome dishes. In this old farm, he also offers pleasant rooms. Enough to experience a true culinary adventure!" at l'Air de Temps can also be read in the Guide.

Enough to delight everyone's tastebuds!


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