• His Excellency, Mr Mohammed Ameur, Ambassador of Morocco in Belgium
  • Mrs Pascale Delcomminette, General Administrator of International Relations Wallonia-Brussels

Wallonia-Brussels celebrates Morocco in 201821/12/2017

On Wednesday 20 December 2017, Pascale Delcomminette, General Administrator of International Relations Wallonia-Brussels, presented the programme of activities for MAROC2018 to the press.

Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI), the Cooperation agency APEFE (Association for the Promotion of Overseas Education and Training) and the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) are dedicating 2018 to highlighting the dynamism and quality of present and future collaboration between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia and the Kingdom of Morocco.
All operators and partners of WBI, APEFE and AWEX will organise events in both territories throughout the year, thus strengthening the links between French-speaking Belgians and Moroccans and between their governments.
A number of cultural institutions, universities, centres of excellence, business clusters and local authorities will organise activities through the year to enhance dialogue around a community of shared values. These include "La Francophonie", cultural diversity and heritage, universities as centres for the development of society, sustainable development and post-COP22 in Marrakesh, as well as citizens' initiatives and human rights, the fight against racism and radicalism and the role of women in society and their employability. WBI will pay particular attention to encouraging young people to take part in its programme by highlighting innovation, creativity and the hip-hop culture shared by our urban communities.
AWEX will make Morocco its priority market and target country for 2018, with a large number of focused promotional and marketing activities. This programme, which aims to support Walloon businesses in their export projects to Morocco, will end with a royal economic mission at the end of November 2018. This mission, organised by the Federal State and the three Regions of Belgium and led by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, will be the real climax of the year.
As part of the Min Ajliki 2.0 programme to support female entrepreneurship in Morocco, financed by Belgian cooperation, APEFE and its Moroccan partners will offer a wide range of awareness-raising, training and support activities for women wanting to start their own business. One of the year's guiding principles will be to promote a dynamic image of Moroccan women by highlighting their contribution to household incomes.


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