The Walloon company Odoo is riding high 19/04/2018

Odoo hires one person a day in Belgium. This year alone it recruited between 150 and 180 people in Brussels and Ramilies.

Everything began 12 years ago, in the student room of Fabien Pinckaers, Odoo’s founder. When he started this management software development company for businesses, he had only three employees.

Nowadays they are 420 and the company keeps growing up. It recently won a partnership with Inspur, China's leading management software company. Besides that, it can boast to have more than 90 partners and 3.7 million users, ranging from start up to large enterprise.

There’s plenty of work. Required profiles? Mainly developers (80 this year) but also project managers and sales consultants.

So far, the company has developed 30 main apps that are regularly updated. In addition to that; 4500 other apps developed by their community of just over 1500 members.

The team currently works in a farm in the Walloon Brabant, where they are 120. Odoo employs more than 400 people throughout the world; they have offices in the United States, Luxembourg, India and Hong Kong.

The company grows by 60% each year and the founder estimates that this growth will continue for another 3 years. He even plans to employ between 1500 and 2000 people, half of them abroad, within 4 years.

Sources: Odoo and RTBF

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