A Walloon company requisitioned to save Notre-Dame17/04/2019

Artbois, the Gaume company based in Etalle, received an urgent call from a Parisian operator to deliver ten consolidation beams for the walls of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which suffered a major fire. 

The company, which specialises in exceptional structures, delivered ten beams measuring 20 metres by 1.2 metres, each weighing 1.6 tonnes, during the night of 16 to 17 April. This is one of the only companies in Belgium with this know-how. Indeed, the beams are made of glue-laminate, a technique that makes it possible to obtain the required length. "We were called at 2pm, we received cutting plans at 3.30pm and we cut the beams that we had in stock for another site," explained Patrick Vanhorenbeeck, head of Artbois. 

These beams will be used to strengthen walls that have been weakened by the fire, walls that could collapse and will therefore be reinforced by these Walloon beams. "It was one of the most beautiful structures in the world," continued Patrick Vanhorenbeeck. "We must do our utmost to preserve what's left."

The Belgian convoy arrived at around 5.30am on the morning of April 17, having driven from Etalle to Paris. The convoy was escorted by two French motorcycle policemen. "We transported the beams to Paris in an unusual convoy," continued the company's manager. "The truck that transported the beams belongs to us, as it was impossible to hire an external vehicle at such short notice.

The Parisian authorities chose Artbois because of its affinity with France. "Artbois regularly exports to France. The carpenters know us and we are especially renowned for our reactivity and our production and cutting speed. In this case, we supplied beams in just a few hours," concluded Patrick Vanhorenbeeck.


Source : L'Avenir - RTL

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