Walloons win Gault & Millau awards!29/11/2018

The 16th edition of the Gault & Millau guide for Belgium / Luxembourg has revealed its picks for the year! Several Walloon restaurants have been singled out for awards.

  • The Young Chef of the Year for Wallonia went to Maxime Zimmer for Un Max de Goût, in Comblain-au-Pont.
  • Italian restaurant of the year was awarded to François Piscitello for La Villa des Bégards, in Embourg.
  • Artisan chef of the year was given to Luc Broutard for La Table du Boucher, in Mons.
  • The Wine menu of the year can be found at Au Gré du Vent, in Seneffe.
  • One of the “Pleasure Prizes” of the year was awarded to Attablez-Vous, in Namur.
  • One of the three Discoveries of the year is Le Vieux Château, in Flobecq.

The POP category, which was launched last year and includes the best of gourmet fast / street food, hasn't stopped growing. It now includes over 250 recommendations One of the three POP awards for this year is Samëlla, in Visé.

And, for the first time, a Walloon chef has been awarded the maximum score of 5 toques (chef’s hats). Indeed, L’air du temps by Sang-hoon Degeimbre was rated 19/20.

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