Niky Terzakis, Managing Director - TNT

Niky Terzakis - TNT 07/11/2013

The Liège site won out following an analysis based on 57 key criteria.

Tomas Casanova Bustos is 28 years old and is studying for a PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Tomas Casanova Bustos 31/10/2013

PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Abdolhamid Daryanavard, an Iranian educated in Liege.

Abdolhamid Daryanavard 31/10/2013

An Iranian educated in Liege.

I first started to take an interest in the French language during my high...

Kazuyoshi Takemoto, President of the company Brand Takemoto Foods in Japan.

Chocolate and cafés 30/10/2013

In Japan, Galler chocolates bring a touch of "European elegance" to the cafés.