• Your mission

Your mission

Being an ambassador of a region means, first of all, respecting and demonstrating the values of its brand. We therefore invite you find out more about the regional marketing initiative set up in Wallonia: go to the "Wallonia.be brand" tab or see the brand's Guide d’Expression to find out more.

Through your activities and connections, we're asking for your support by:

  • Relaying all information relating to Wallonia and its brand, starting with what's available on the international portal www.wallonia.be and its different social networks
  • Introducing people to the visual world of the brand by adding the Wallonia.be logo and slogan Feel Inspired to your website, blog or email signature
  • Composing and publishing articles on the Wallonia.be brand ambassadors' blog
  • Identifying and making the most of every development opportunity for the region
  • Contributing to the development of the brand ambassadors' network by speaking to everyone around you and/or referring new ambassadors
  • Bringing the brand alive by actively taking part in conversations on social networks and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube