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The Spring WAB issue is released!

This spring issue of the Wallonia and Brussels magazine puts the spotlight on the success of start-up and spin-off companies in fuelling the Walloon economy and will also present you Charles Kaisin, a Charleroi designer who knows how to lay on a party in the fabulous dinners he stages for companies and private clients.

And also:

- Mohamed Takhim, a scientist and entrepreneur forging eco-friendly phosphate technology

- Texere Biotech shows the way in automating bone grafts

- AGC Gass invests in energy-saving glazing

- The Digital Wallonia Startup Awards celebrate the region's best up-and-coming businesses

- Logocal digital companies network on the worldwide stage at Las Vegas electronics event

- Universities in Wallonia are a breeding ground for pioneering spin-offs

- Belgian beef: Wallonia's quality meat is increasingly appreciated abroad

- ...

And, of course, our pick of cultural events in Wallonia and Brussels!


If you want to subscribe freely to WAB magazine, please send an email to Marie-Catherine Duchêne (Wallonia Export-Investment Agency) mc.duchene@awex.be

Digital Wallonia Startup Awards (Gilles Lemoine)
CES Las Vegas
Viande bovine
Namur Ravel (copyright WBT J.P Remy)
iTteos Therapeutics

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