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Good morning, everybody. I'm delighted to become an ambassador of Wallonia and to know that lots of people are reading this. I am so pleased. For me, Wallonia is a key that opens doors. It is a teacher who teaches so well that the students are forced to get good grades. It's great. I can still remember when I went to the Wallonia-Brussels Centre in Kinshasa to take part in some literary activities. This boosted my desire to be a real man of letters. This led me to progress from being an occasional reader to being a bookworm. What a wonderful quest! Oh no! I meant discovery. Because reading puts our mind to work. Later, I subscribed to the Wallonia-Brussels library. After a while, I became a trainee. And now I am an ambassador. I realise that Wallonia and I are for life. To be honest, I love it!!! Eric Magela Writa Sana


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