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Les Belges Histoires | Farah

Farah thinks that we can laugh at everything, but intelligently, not for the pleasure of having a go, but to condemn. Hard-hitting and committed, she can't stand compartmentalising people and doesn't mind disturbing others; but before asserting herself as the Belgian comedian of choice, Farah had already lived another life...

After studying at ULB, the young woman became a marketing manager at a large bank. She had huge success, but something was missing. After her 30th birthday, she enrolled at the Kings of Comedy Club Academy, a course for learning the basics of being a comedian. "I said to myself: sign up, at worst you're bad and then it's not for you, but at least you'll know..." She reached the final of the competition organised at the end of the course. From then on, she had two lives: comedian by night and marketing manager by day. Her career quickly took off; she opened for Laurence Bibot and Blanche Gardin, won prizes at numerous comedy festivals, and then created her first show: Résiste. Stromae came to see her at the Koeks Theatre. He liked what he saw and became one of her supporters. It was exhilarating, exciting, exhausting and it lasted four years, until her body failed her, forcing her to make a choice. She became a full-time comedian. 

However, she still had a few steps to take to fully assert herself. She wrote brilliantly on any subject, but without really being seen. Her meeting with Alexandra Henry, a talent scout who has coached a number of comedians, allowed her to get to know herself better and share the real Farah. She is still gaining confidence and the transmutation can be enjoyed in her new show, currently in its trial run; she is tentatively calling it: "En rodage" (Trial run). Self-deprecation is an important value.


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