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While Belgium has just signed NASA's Artemis agreement for missions to the Moon and Mars, the Walloon aerospace group is continuing to make us dream. Sonaca (Gosselies) has been chosen by the European Space Agency to design the first prototype automated warehouse in zero gravity. This technological challenge places Wallonia and its ecosystem at the heart of the development of a sustainable space economy. 

The aerospace leader is joining the consortium led by Belgian company Space Applications Services (Zaventem) as part of the European research programme Horizon Europe. The Carolo-based company will be contributing its expertise to the design of a prototype space factory, called StarFab, as well as a second component of the lunar system. These two major contracts confirm the company's ambition to be one of the pioneers of the future space economy.
A space economy that is also intended to be sustainable, since manufacturing in space will make it possible to effectively recycle the thousands of obsolete satellites in orbit. StarFab should also make it possible to design lighter structures, freeing us from the constraints of terrestrial rocket launches, and to envisage human exploration of deep space in the long term.


Through its subsidiary Sonaca Canada, the Walloon group has also signed an agreement with the Canadian company MDA Inc. to strengthen its contribution to the intelligent robotic system of the future lunar space station, with the design and supply of a second component. The Gosselies-based company will be responsible for building the entire system, and will once again be working with Space Applications Services on the electronic and engine control aspects. 
"We are proud to be part of the exploration of a future space economy.These exciting challenges will enable us to create new jobs, develop new skills and strengthen our positive impact in terms of sustainable development", enthused Yves Delatte, CEO of the Group.

Sonaca is a world leader in the development, manufacture, assembly and supply of components for the aerospace industry.Its expertise extends to the civil, military and space markets.With 3,800 employees in 6 countries, Sonaca serves the major aircraft manufacturers and is committed to the transition to Industry 4.0 and the decarbonisation of the aerospace industry.