Wallonia, well supported and inviting26/01/2016

Quebec at the Fêtes de Wallonie (Festival of Wallonia): an experience that deepened the friendship between Quebec and Wallonia. I believe in friendships; they develop contacts, business, dreams and more. Several Quebec residents travelled to Belgium to take part in the Fêtes de Wallonie. The delegation from the regional municipality of the county of Papineau (MRC Papineau), accompanied by seven Quebec mayors, entrepreneurs and tourism sector specialists, was warmly welcomed and made a lively contribution to the festival programme.

Wallonia is a land of projects and developments for those able to read its story. You would not go to the desert without a Bedouin, or to the moon without the advice of an astronaut. Save time: if you plan to visit Wallonia or do business there, get support from a Walloon who knows the region.