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Wallonia, a world of opportunities


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The brand Wallonia


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Those students from Texas A&M, James, Earl, Joe, James, Turney and William, became soldiers in the Ardennes during World War II.

From Texas to Bastogne and from Bastogne to Texas 19/05/2016

The first temporary exhibit of the Bastogne War Museum « From Texas to Bastogne – Texas Aggies go to War »,...

Astronomers from Liége discover three exoplanets 19/05/2016

It’s a world first. A team of astronomers from ULg has discovered three exoplanets (planets outside the...

This is Belgium - Milan 2016 - WBDM

Kaspar Hamacher brings his work with the Radermecker Tannery 17/05/2016

For the Milan Trade Fair, Kaspar Hamacher and the Radermecker tannery have joined forces for an armchair...

Herman Headwear is a Belgian and international reference in terms of variety of hats and accessories.

Herman Headwear, Marianne de Cristal 2016 17/05/2016

The milliner Herman Headwear, based in Wellin, won the Marianne de Cristal 2016, awarded by the France...

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Marius Hoffermanns, German trader specialising in Whisky

The Belgian Owl 12/11/2013

A German trader spcialising in Whisky, comments the new Whisky produced by The Belgian Owl.

Jean-Pierre Chisogne, AMOS' commercial director

Stars and men 30/10/2013

Jean Pierre Chisogne, AMOS'commercial director, explains the system for following the stars developped for Chile.

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