The Coaching Academy is reaching out to immigrants in Morocco07/05/2020

Many immigrants from Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire have flocked to Morocco. Most of them are women and they are working for expatriate families In effect, they exclusively look after young children.

The workload has become huge for these women due to school closures during this health crisis. Furthermore, they do not always have the appropriate training to cope.

To help them manage this situation, the Coaching Academy decided to provide them with training by giving them the foundations that will help them make their jobs more professional.

Classes will be provided from May to August by professional early childhood coaches:

- Canadian Mireille Bourseau, who has 12 years' experience of early childhood, will take part from the Côte d'Ivoire, offering training in the development of motor skills, infant brain development and education stimulation within logical, non-punitive discipline.

- Miss Olga Mayela, a school and nursery nurse who has trained in child nutrition, will provide training focusing on physical and psychological health and in particular nutrition, from Guyana where she lives.

- Lastly, the BEEHIVE Association will provide training from Europe on teaching through nature and the importance of appreciating their job.

We are also offering different activities for working with fine motor skills, sensory development, artistic development and music development among children.

From September, when the American College of Casablanca ( officially opens, our young ladies will have the opportunity to undergo training at home during the weekends so they can follow English classes, among others. And why not have exchanges with the students as part of their leadership and entrepreneurship classes ?