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Hiking in 2021?

History of walking tourism.

If you like history, the websites and will tell you about the history of walking, the paths of Eifelverein in eastern Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Germany and the tourist trails of old Liège, in association with Charles Comhaire, the tourist trails of the Belgian Touring Club in partnership with Maurice Cosyn and finally the long-distance paths of the Sentiers de Grande Randonnée (GR footpaths).

The website covers the history related to the GR footpaths and other long-distance footpaths. It tells us about the GR footpaths in France: "We know, or should know, about the effort to revive walking tourism by developing the long-distance trails and paths created in France by the CNSGR, the Comité National des sentiers de grande randonnée (French national committee for long-distance trails). Motto: one day on the trails equals eight days of health.

The idea of long-distance trails for walkers was created in Belgium in 1918 by Maurice Cosyn. Consequently, he was considered its founder and organiser. He created a significant network of trails in Belgium, a Belgian network of well-known and well-marked paths extending them as far as Holland and Luxembourg. Very interested in the outstanding achievements of Maurice Cosyn, we in turn have walked around 700 km of these pedestrian trails with our "backpack", camping every night.  We were able to discover the educational, tourist and sporting value of this excellent work. Shortly after having proposed a creation similar to that of Belgium to the Touring Club de France (TCF). Despite certain difficulties greater than those experienced by Maurice Cosyn, the TCF set to work promoting the creation of a national committee for long-distance walking trails..." Jean Loiseau, Paths in the Forest of Fontainebleau.

Why historical research on walking? "This is a commitment to trails and paths. Good news, this research work was recognised as part of the 2017 Heritage Days, dedicated to routes by rail, land and water in the Walloon Region.  Trails have multi-secular and even ancient historical roots. Internet-based information cannot replace historical research, if you wish to entrench and consolidate your knowledge..." A friend of nature.


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