• Artwork "Fuchsia" from NOIR

"Legend" exhibition by NOIR in Brussels26/09/2017

NOIR - "Legend"

Solo Show
20.10.2017 until 19.11.2017
Vernissage on Friday 20 October 2017
70, Place du Jeu de Balle, Brussels - Belgium


The Mazel Galerie is dedicating a second solo exhibition to the young Liège-based artist, NOIR, who will present a unique collection of works on paper and canvas.

In this new series entitled "Legend", the artist remains faithful to his idiosyncratic graphic palette: portraits, tattoos, street art, magazines and the animal world.

However, accompanying the black and white compositions, he uses colour for the first time while the portraits are exclusively dedicated to animals.

In previous works, Lucien Gilson introduced an aesthetic code where the subject appears to be suspended in time, in an indeterminate state, marked by his motifs of uprooting and compositions divided into two planes. 

His work closely combines the destruction of the image, and the restructuring and edification of a new reality.

The observer always wonders whether the image is taking shape or disappearing.

It is this "disappearance", this ephemeral notion which prompted the artist to dedicate a collection of works to endangered species.

As such, the tiger, lion, gorilla, eagle and all the others seem to face us one last time before becoming "Legend".

The dictionary defines 'Legend' as: The embellished representation of life that is preserved in the collective memory.

Undoubtedly, the fauna is embellished in NOIR's own style and reminds us to look at it and preserve it before it becomes a legend.


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