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To reach out is to oblige oneself to give

Because everything is linked, because the future of the planet depends on the contribution of us all, because helping others means helping yourself, because reaching out means acknowledging that we are weak but also means knowing how to oblige yourself to give, because giving is sharing and sharing is living. What is living then? Living is feeling inspired and also recognising that the future is within each of us.

In 2018, we set up a company whose slogan is, the future is in each one of us, and in 2020 we became Ambassadors of the brand whose slogan is, feel inspired.  

Let me ask you a question: Pure coincidence or concordance?

My answer is, it's all connected.

Now, let us imagine two lands that are distant from each other but have common but visually contradictory features and characteristics. At the crossroads of giving and receiving, who can bring them together? What can they trade?

My name is TCHUISSEU, I am proud to be born in Cameroon and an ambassador of the birthplace of my ancestors, and I am honoured to be an Ambassador of the Wallonia brand (land of inspiration, welcome and sharing).

My team and I are working on the TnK-ASS (Autonomous Sanitation System) project - sector: environmental technology and circular economy. The objective is firstly to Africanise the septic tank, thereby reducing the contamination rate of groundwater supplies through contamination with human excreta and, secondly, ..., We are reaching out to you for financial support for environmental and energy measures.

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