Release of Rebirth, my first book of underwater images.21/05/2019

Hello everyone,
On 28 May, I was very moved to receive "Rebirth", my very first self-published book.
I wanted this first work to be a collection of my experimentation with nudes. As a collector of art books, it was very important for me to offer you something beautiful.
The book is in the form of a case in a very intense blue. The first cover, with a window held by two magnets, opens to the left and frames the second illustrated cover which opens to the right and reveals a 96-page block that illustrates 51 works on matt paper.
You can now support me and pre-order "Rebirth" for 49 euros on the Ulule platform.
I also chose this platform so I could reach an audience that did not yet know me. To do this, I need you, so please spread the word and share as much as you can.
Postage is, of course, included for pre-sales in Belgium and Luxembourg. The book is limited to 500 numbered copies and will be dedicated to you. If you would like me to dedicate it to someone else, or not put a name, or even not sign it, please state this in your message. Rebirth is the perfect gift for anyone who loves beautiful books and photography.
You can also find all the information you need on Rebirth at
Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to dedicating my very first work to you!
Bye for now!
Harry Fayt


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