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Stroll from station to station

This is a new tourist attraction for 2021.
If we look at the RAVeL network of old disused railway lines, we can see that it is possible to combine beautiful walks with public transport.
In the Liège region, you can easily travel along the Ourthe RAVeL from Angleur station to Tilff, Méry, Hony, Esneux, Poulseur, Rivage, Comblain la Tour, Hamoir and Sy in the Province of Liège.
Along the Vesdre valley, staying flat from Angleur, Chênée, Chaudfontaine and Trooz.
On the old line 38, taking you from Vaux sous Chêvremont to the Pays de Herve via Beyne Heusay, Fléron, Soumagne, Herve, Battice, Thimister, Clermont sous Berwinne, Aubel and Plombières.
This RAVeL can be travelled by bus from Liège or Verviers.
There are various places to park along this former line 38.
The Meuse RAVeL crossing the city of Liège via the old Ourthe Canal, Boverie park, along the Meuse, and Coronmeuse towards Visé and the Albert Canal.
Walking tour from station to station in the Liège region.
Why not take a historical walk in Seraing?
From Guillemins station, walkers will discover the remains of the iron and steel industry, such as the old blast furnace in Ougrée.
Starting from Seraing station, our steps lead us along the right bank of the Meuse, along the RAVeL in an unknown environment.
There is plenty of nature to discover along the banks of the Meuse, as well as heritage such as the purification stations of the Meuse valley.
A visit to the Val Saint Lambert crystal works, the castle and the small streets reveals part of the little known charm of this heritage.
In the direction of the Ivoz Ramet dam bridge, walkers can always follow the Meuse towards the Engis bridge without ever reaching it.
You will discover another, more natural, aspect of the Meuse, with its many landscapes on the Hesbaye, its castles and the village of Chokier.
Discover the new Ivoz Ramet lock and cross the bridge over the Meuse to head towards Flémalle station.
Another suggestion:
From Ans station to Liers or from Seraing Pont station via slag heaps such as Gosson, near Seraing.
From Seraing Pont, you can discover this heritage, such as the Gosson slag heap, by following small paths through the hill and the redeveloped heap.
You can see the Maison des Terrils in Saint Nicolas.
There are many stunning views over the Meuse valley.
Take advantage of spring to go for a walk in the Liège region.
In Seraing, there are many signposted walks through the splendid Seraing forest and other unusual unmarked walks, for example one starting from Sart Tilman Church that traces the famous Battle of Sart Tilman in 1914.
There are magnificent views of the Meuse valley from the Seraing science park.
This route can be travelled by car; parking available on site.

We hope you enjoy some unique walks in the Liège region. Jean Pierre Englebert.


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