Trooz: its past, heritage, car, river...13/06/2017

Trooz: its past, heritage, car, river...

Come and discover the municipality of Trooz, in the province of Liège. The municipality is traversed by the Vesdre.

Once at the destination, close your eyes and concentrate. After a while, you will start to hear what seem like conversations, shouts and laughter; you walk towards the sound and notice two caves, and at the entrance, a group of men, women and children dressed in furs. At that point, you realise you are in the prehistoric period. Having barely come to your senses, in the distance, and as you walk, you hear hammers striking hot iron. Approaching the workshops, you hear the instructions of master craftsmen given to their apprentices.

Follow the path, and after a while, you seem to hear the noise of two cars. All of a sudden, two cars pass by right in front of you. One flanked with an insignia representing the imperial crown, and the second showing the Papal crown, following the path you arrive in front of a factory and you see other types of cars turning in an oval, climbing and descending the roof of the building. It's at this point that you see the name of the brand IMPERIA. Follow the path, you will get a shock. In the distance, you will hear both the explosion of bombs and gunshots, or machine gun fire interspersed with shouts, cries, orders in German and insults in French. You will realise that you have just re-lived the "tragedy of the Forest" and the "massacre of the Forest".

You will wake up and tell yourself "This journey through time is not an initiation... although"

This trip, not through the desert, but through Trooz throughout its history and its scope, will incite you to come back and discover other histories and spots to be discovered.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Trooz, believe me.