• Toc Toc Toc, le soleil tape sur la façade de cet ancien presbytère!
  • La mousse, les couleurs, la lumière, les ombres, les racines...
  • Forêt du Sud de Wallonie, en province de Luxembourg, à la frontière entre l'Ardenne et la Lorraine belge

"There aren't any seasons any more" But there are, it's AUTUMN! 01/12/2016

Living or staying in Wallonia means getting closer to NATURE and appreciating each SEASON!

Right now, the WINTER season is just around the corner, as are festive celebrations!

I can see these two people, sat on a bench outside the front of their house, it's a tradition in our region.

I can hear them discussing the rain and nice weather, and one of them says "There aren't really any seasons any more ;-)"! And yet...

Today, it is noon and the sun is tapping on the facade of this former Presbytery in the heart of the little village of Parette in the south of Luxembourg province. 

You can hear it, it goes "Tap Tap Tap" on the window and invites us to make the most of each season. 

Right now, it is AUTUMN and the perfect moment to develop all of our senses.

You can take time, time for yourself, time for your nearest and dearest if you like, the time just to go and have a walk for a while!

Choose a forest near to where you are, there are loads in Wallonia!

* BREATHE IN the dry cold and pure air, 

* SMELL the scents which are given off by all of nature, 

* HEAR the dry leaves crunch underfoot, the birds which call and answer each other in the forest, 

* TOUCH the damp moss on the bark of the trunk of a century-old beech tree,

* SEE the bare trees, the intense azure blue sky, the sun's rays, the endless forest..

And the largest one in Belgium is right on our doorstep in the southernmost point of our region, the forest of Anlier!

It's autumn in our lovely Wallonia, so make the most of it!

See you soon for new adventures in our delightful little corner of Wallonia, Belgium, Europe and the world!

"If we follow Nature as our guide, 

we shall never go astray.