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A global exhibition Made in Liege

One year ago, Bruges hosted the global exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci – the inventions of a genius", a unique retrospective styled by Liege-based entrepreneurs.

The Liege residents Jean-Christophe Hubert (XPO Factory), Vincent Damseaux (XPO Factory) and Bruno Compère (Eurobrew) and their team of 22 people, worked for four years to develop this project.

The exhibition is considered as the greatest ever dedicated to the works of the Italian artist.

The event presents a total of 200 objects and manuscripts together with 3D displays.

"There is a new generation of historians who have made many discoveries and given a new interpretation to the work of Leonardo da Vinci. We started there", explains the Art Historian Jean-Christophe Hubert who in the past has collaborated on other exhibitions dedicated to the master of the Renaissance.

The exhibition was not limited to Flanders, and subsequently travelled to Istanbul in Turkey. Its world tour is set to last between 5 and 10 years.

Source : RTBF

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