London: What about Belgian architecture?
06-04-2017 to 31-10-2017

Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures (WBA) and the Architecture Division of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels support practices that reflect the know-how of our architects, paying special attention to helping them gain wider recognition. Together, we work to provide this pool of talent with international visibility.

We are pleased to announce that we are presenting their work this season from April to October 2017 in London in the show, "What about Belgian Architecture?". The show evolved through our partnership with the London CASS School of Art, Architecture and Design.

The two main events around which this show is built are the presentation of the exhibition Inventaires#2 from 6 to 27 April and that of the exhibition entrer: cinq architectures en Belgique from 25 September to 23 October.

The Inventaires#2 exhibition accompanies the third volume of the collection Architectures Wallonie Bruxelles Inventaires # Inventories, jointly published by the WBA and the Architecture Division. The publication, spanning the period from 2013 to 2016, showcases architectural creations in Wallonia, Brussels, and abroad. The exhibition is a review of censuses, investigations, and writing work done for the eponymous publication. It sets out to analyse 28 projects through the interpretation of 25 authors from different media: writing, drawing, cartoons, and photographs. Translated into English, the book aims to serve as a business card for foreign countries and institutions. The WBA ensures its international distribution.

The entrer: cinq architectures en Belgique exhibition, produced by the WBA, was born of the desire to present recent creations internationally, reflecting the diversity of contemporary architectural production in Wallonia and in Brussels. For this exhibition, we wanted to both develop a curatorial narrative and show a series of concrete projects. Since all of the architects presented in entrer: also teach in architecture schools, we have initiated a programme of inter-university exchanges, which can take several forms: workshops, visiting professors, etc. with universities in cities where the exhibition is put on. We are currently working to build partnerships with the universities of Paris-Malaquais and Hepia in Geneva.

The opening of these exhibitions features a panel of architects from Wallonia and Brussels who will make their work known through conferences and targeted discussion sessions.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures - Aurore Boraczek
London CASS School of Art, Architecture and Design