Night of the trails 2018 in Greece 03-03-2018

In order to kick-off its 2018 season, the trails and paths commission of the Villers-la-Ville Initiative Union offers you a journey from island to island. Indeed, it is to Greece that it will transport you for its traditional "Night of the trails".

Various activities with a Greek theme will be dotted along your torch-lit route that follows the paths of Villers-la-Ville. The walkers will be supervised by the Pioneers of the 57th unit of Sart-Dames-Avelines. They will be guided and "pampered" by the Initiative Union’s volunteers.

Before or after the walk, you will be offered the chance to taste a local beer or wine and some food.

Greece is a hot country with some very beautiful and very typical sites and a very important archaeological past. The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and discover this country as you visit our reception building or rediscover the paths of Villers-la-Ville.


Practical information:

Night of the trails in Greece
Saturday 3 March from 6.30 pm

Walks departing every 20 minutes, duration of walk: +- 1 hour 15 mins
Prices: adults: €3; -12 years: €1  - torch + 14 years: €3 - luminous stick: 3
Snacks provided

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Villers-la-Ville Initiative Union, rue de l’Abbaye 53, 1495 Villers-la-Ville