• Dinant par Anibal Trejo

Dinant selected as one of the best European destinations13/02/2019

European Best Destinations is an organisation that aims to promote European tourism and culture. This week, Dinant was awarded a place among the 15 cities to visit this year.

The results were announced on Tuesday February 5, 2019, and the city in the Province of Namur was named one of the top 15 European destinations.

Although Budapest won first prize with 62,000 votes, Dinant finished 11th with 17,000 votes thanks to globe-trotters. It overtakes major tourist cities such as Athens, Paris, Berlin and Vienna, which are very popular with millions of holiday-makers every year.

This ranking will give the saxophone city the right to use the "European Best Destination" title and logo and to enjoy visibility on the platform for one year.




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