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Discover the summer issue of the WAB magazine

The Smurfs turn 60 this year
The Smurfs turn 60 this year

The WAB  - Wallonia and Brussels - magazine dedicates its file to the Smurfs and the spectacular immersive exhibition that celebrates their 60 this year !  

This issue also puts the spotlight on Wallonia's companies rewarded for their excellence on the world stage. 

Some other focuses :

- Jean-Pierre Lutgen, the man behind international jewellery brand Ice-Watch

- Mitral Technologies moves from the US to Liège to work on alternatives to open-heart surgery

- Meet Jackie Daire, multitasking principal of a Brussels international school

- Night of the Choirs: a musical extravaganza in a magical setting

- Jean-Philippe Darcis, master of the macaron, shares the secrets of his success


And the highlights of summer around Wallonia and Bruxelles... Enjoy reading !


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Visitors come up against Gargamel, the Smurfs'foe
Virtual reality at the Smurf Experience
Stephan Uhoda, the CEO of Cecoforma, which produced the Smurf Experience

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