Kid Noize: Music and comics by a man with a monkey face21/02/2019

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Brussels Book Fair, Kid Noize is taking us on a journey through his universe. The Palais des Imaginaires is hosting a ‘comics concert’, with sound and drawings illustrating this rich cultural heritage of 1980s kids and The Planet of the apes.

The Kid Noize universe, a parallel reality

Just like Back to the future, Kid Noize is giving us a glimpse of his world, a parallel universe. Kid Noize, a mix of a superhero in costume, a man and a monkey, takes us into an imaginary world full of childhood memories, revisited with grown-up music by this established artist. He has become one of the most popular Belgian DJs, particularly at Tomorrowland, and today, he is showing us another of his many talents through comics.

From sound to image

Through his music and his video clips, Kid Noize has slowly but surely created a universe with a nod to the 1980s, filled with references to Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, science-fiction, space and simple vintage cars and toys. A rich musical repertoire in itself is probably not enough for this multidisciplinary artist to give us an insight into his world. That may explain why Kid Noize created his first comic with drawings by Otocto and a script by Kid Toussaint.

Published by none other than Dupuis

We head to the stand of this renowned Belgian publisher, where we find Kid Noize and Otocto signing copies. A long line of fans is orderly and patiently waiting to meet them. This is where book and music lovers cross paths, walking around somewhat puzzled in this buzzing space. The publisher’s stand is packed with people. Seeing the cartoonist sitting right next to his hero in the flesh feels quite surreal. Dupuis joined forces with Otocto, Kid Noize and Kid Toussaint to create this comic that sheds new light on the universe of Kid Noize. This publication is perfectly in line with the revamp of the International Brussels Book Fair, which has never stopped innovating and attracting new audiences since its inception 50 years ago.

Belgian cartoons, a historical cultural label

Tintin, The Smurfs, Spirou, Blake and Mortimer, Lucky Luke, Gil Jourdan, Gaston Lagaffe, Boule et Bill, Luc Orient and Achille Talon are all ambassadors of Belgian comics. These heroes have made their way around the world, and just like Belgium itself, they tickle people’s interest and curiosity. The owe their international success to their originality, singularity and humour, and represent, at least in part, a unique aspect of Belgian culture.                       


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