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NOIR Artist packages the new beer from "La Curtius"

The Liege-based muralist and painter NOIR Artist has been chosen by the Microbrasserie de la Principauté (La Curtius) to create the illustrations that will adorn the bottles of its new beer, the Black {C}.
The encounter between NOIR Artist and Black {C} was meant to be, an obvious choice. The two young managers of the Liège microbrewery fell for the very typical pictorial style of NOIR Artist and were excited by the almost homonymous play on the words NOIR/Black {C}.

The Black {C} beer should be available for sale from this summer 2016. The young Liège brewers are announcing the arrival of an imperial stout with 8% vol./alc. that will be a real treat for beer fans looking for a character beer with rich flavours and roasted coffee and cocoa aromas.

The name Black {C} is a twofold reference to its impenetrable black colour. These characteristics inspired NOIR Artist to come up with a black panther. This animal, which comes from exotic regions where coffee and cocoa can be produced, is above all an animal that is strong, impressive, elegant and soft, one that inspires respect. It must be tamed before you can fully appreciate its beauty. This panther, created by NOIR Artist, will first be used on the packaging of the Black {C} bottles, pending other variations.

After his now famous fresco of David Bowie for Sony Music and his collaborations with Microsoft or Metamorphoses (Liège Together), NOIR Artist is currently working on a new project with Sony and before long will feature in a television report that will boost his international visibility. The report will also stop off at the Curtius brewery, located right in the historic heart of Liège.

La Curtius, for its part, was recently awarded a gold medal at the International Beer Festival. It was selected by an international jury among 150 breweries from 26 countries worldwide.

A great collaboration and just the type of dynamic we like to see in Liege for these up and coming stars who are all set to take on the rest of the world!

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