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POZNAŃ POLAND                                                       


Poznań is a city in western Poland on the River Warta, and the capital of the province of Wielkopolska. The origins of Poznań are closely linked to the beginnings of the Polish state. The first Slavic settlements discovered in the region date back to the 9th century, when a castle was built on Ostrów Tumski, an island on the Warta.

The city's development began in the time of Prince Mieszko I and King Bolesław the Brave, the first Polish rulers. A bishopric was founded there in 968. Poznań was at that time one of the two key centres of the Polish state, the other being Gniezno.

The city was under Prussian administration during the Second Partition of Poland from 1792, and was therefore part of the German Empire from 1871 to 1918. At that time it was often referred to in English by the German name Posen.

I am at your disposal if you want to know more, because this city can surprise you when you visit.


About the fair


Presentation of the fair by:

 Ms Hanna Zdrojewska


The fair is not only a platform for business meetings, but also a space for education and debate at local government level on the environmental challenges facing the household industry. We focus on promoting environmentally-friendly solutions that do not help to increase the level of emissions of smog-causing substances (wood that has been dry for at least two years, or so-called superior combustion). We support environmentally-friendly forms of heating appliances and the use of wood as a renewable energy source.

The KOMINKI international trade fair

This fair is organised on a two-year cycle and is staged alongside the biggest construction industry event in Poland - Budma. The next event will take place from 4 to 7 February 2020.

It is the only national event that has real fire thanks to a special chimney system. This is where the leading Polish products in the household industry are presented, and the best products and solutions are rewarded. The Home Fair is also a special place of inspiration. 50,000 participants visited the previous event, including more than 4,500 architects and interior designers.

The event has also been enjoyed by investors, developers, distributors and trade show owners for years. During the exhibition you will not only see modern heating appliances for wood, pellets or biogas, but also furnaces that meet and even exceed high ecodesign standards with regard to emission parameters.

The theme of the fair is so broad that you can find almost everything you need to work in the chimney industry, as well as to design and create a unique fireplace in your home. From fireplaces, i.e. wood and gas fireboxes, to chimney casings, heating systems, tiles and chimney accessories.

The fair is accompanied by the Flame of the Year gala, i.e. the presentation of prestigious awards in the competition organised by the "Świat Kominków" industry magazine and the organiser of the Grupa MTP fair.

Main reactions and requests from exhibitor representatives.

Applications for installation possibilities are subject to tax advantages and investment aid in Wallonia. Information about the industrial parks in the various sites throughout Wallonia. Multimodal platforms. Road networks, river ports (autonomous ports) with the Meuse and the Albert Canal, the ports of Antwerp and the North Sea, and flight possibilities using Bierset airport.




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