• Philippe Reynaert, Wallimage (g.) et Jacques Hoflack, RSI (d.)

Walloons are like Slovaks of Belgium 28/03/2018

As a journalist for Radio Slovakia International-RTVS, I covered the first meeting of the CREADIS3 programme’s partners. It took place on 21th March 2018 in Bratislava and was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

Finland, Emilia-Romagna, Wallonia, Slovakia, Greece and the Basque Country met in the heart of the Slovak capital to be part of this European initiative in the field of Creative and Cultural Industries. Wallonia was represented by Delphine Goderniaux from the Walloon Public Service and Philippe Reynaert, Managing Director of Wallimage, whose attention was drawn to the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. He believes that Slovakia and Wallonia have much to share:

"We, Walloons, are like Slovaks from Belgium. I think that there are indeed many connections between Slovakia and Wallonia: both regions have gone through great economic difficulties and are picking themselves back up with dynamism and in an impressive way.” 

After this meeting the idea for Wallonia and Slovakia to cooperate in the field of animation was launched. "There is a real tradition here, and Wallonia is the land of comics" said Philippe Reynaert. CREADIS3 partners will meet again in the future.

More information about the meeting:  « Le projet CREADIS3 lancé à Bratislava »

Sources: Radio Slovakia International; picture: Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

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Jacques Hoflack