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A worldwide network

A worldwide network

Wallonia's international network (in association with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) comprises 17 Delegations whose representatives are granted diplomatic status by virtue of a collaborative agreement signed by the Federal State.

They are located in Algiers, Berlin, Bucharest, Dakar, Geneva, Hanoi, Kinshasa, The Hague, Paris, Peking, Prague, Quebec, Rabat, Santiago de Chile, Tunis, Warsaw and Brussels (European Union).

This network is supplemented by six Wallonia-Brussels offices in certain countries in the south: Burkina Faso, Haiti, Benin, Burundi, Bolivia and Rwanda. These offices are managed in partnership with the Association for Education and Training Abroad and by 40 language assistants who teach French in different European countries.

Wallonia also has a network of 109 economic and business attachés covering more than 120 countries across all five continents.

These representatives are the key contact locally for any business or public body wanting to develop a business or partnership relationship with Wallonia or simply wanting to find out about the economic potential of such a relationship.

To promote tourism, Wallonia is represented in 10 countries: the Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Germany (Cologne and Berlin), Great Britain (London), Italy (Milan), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Warsaw), The United States (New York) and Japan (Tokyo). Campaigns are also led from Brussels in other countries such as China and Brazil, etc.