Belgium and Luxembourg join forces for audio-visual productions16/10/2019

Belgian-Luxembourg audio-visual co-productions. They are numerous and successful, and big names are enthusiastic about them and eager to contribute. The joint Belgian and Luxembourg audio-visual productions translate the relevance and maturity of a long-standing collaboration into images.

60 films in 10 years

Luxembourg is the second partner of the Film and Audio-visual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (C.C.A.) in terms of co-produced films. The partnership has resulted in the production of about 60 films in the past decade. In the framework of its international activities, CCA has launched several initiatives to promote international co-productions. Luxembourg is one of the top partners in these wonderful ongoing projects.

Tools for the promotion of and access to foreign markets

"Wallonie-Bruxelles Imagesis a perfect example of such an initiative. In partnership with Wallonie-Bruxelles International, the Film and Audio-visual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (CCA) co-finances and co-manages this visibility tool on an international level. This official agency for the promotion and export of audio-visual productions in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation aims to help professionals from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation get easier access to different audio-visual markets and helps them promote and sell their productions all over the world.

With success, and that must be celebrated!

What better way to celebrate the joint Belgian and Luxembourg audio-visual repertoire than with a new audio-visual production? The answer is a magnificent montage highlighting all the diversity and richness of the partnership between Luxembourg and Belgium in audio-visual productions.

But there’s more! Many other collaborations are ongoing, such as the partnership between the Belgian sculptor Stéphane Halleux and a Luxembourg-based animated film production company set up by, you guessed it, Belgians, La Fabrique d’Images.

The aim of this partnership is to create a film inspired by the universe of the sculptor. It is worth noting that in 2014, Stéphane Halleux received an Oscar for a film based on another of his characters. We wish him all the best of luck in this new endeavour.

Unité42: the launch of a beautiful and promising series to continue building on a shared future


The co-production of TV series is also part of this future-oriented approach. The second season of "Unité 42" is the first TV series co-produced by CCA and its Luxembourg counterpart, Film Fund, , with the participation of RTBF. The co-produced episodes are quite unique in that they were directed by the Luxembourg-born filmmaker Christophe Wagner. With this initiative, Luxembourg was integrated into the ‘series fund’ of CCA and RTBF, the first step towards the further support and promotion of similar Belgian-Luxembourg co-productions. The ‘series fund’ was set up in 2014, and Luxembourg is now fully integrated into it.

Interested in finding our more about films from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation? There’s plenty to discover! !


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