Brasserie Gengoulf has opened its new facilities 28/06/2016

Brasserie Gengoulf, the success of which has largely transcended Belgium's borders has just opened its new facilities with a production capacity of 30,000 litres a month at full capacity.

What was nothing more than a mad idea between four friends, who launched their own brewery to keep their wives happy because they didn't like the bitter tasting Orval from the neighbouring abbey, has, five years later, become a success through the word-of-mouth of their friends. One of the four founders of Brasserie Gengoulf was a laboratory technician at Orval and left his job to work at the brewery full time.

The brewery is not currently looking for customers but is already exporting throughout Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and parts of France. It has just released a new flavour, Gengoulf with ceps.

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