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Dogstudio moves to Mexico10/10/2019

While the digital agency recently settled in Chicago, the Windy city, its staff members are now taking advantage of favorable winds to move to Mexico, their new El Dorado.

Two years after they conquered the Windy City, the Dogstudio team- four digital lovers from Namur- now ventures beyond the American border, their new target being Mexico City. They crave for great spaces, that’s for sure.

Opening up for new lands of wonder

After he set foot in the United States for the first time last year, Gilles Bazelaire, associate and co-founder of Dogstudio is ready to conquer South America… but does not jump into the Great Unknown.

Dogstudio already has a client in Mexico which is not the least one indeed, as it is a unicorn!

This unicorn’s name is Rappi, the Latino equivalent of Amazon. If you thought that Rappi was some sort of imaginary creature, then you will be disappointed. In the economic world, unicorn is a startup which is valued one billion dollars.

To the members of the agency, it was time for new opportunities. Three years ago, Gilles Bazelaire went to Mexico but, according to him, the market was not ready to welcome them yet. Today, he says, we see companies like ours flourishing, growing from around twenty employees to more than one hundred and seventy

An international – oriented future for a Wallonia-based Belgian company!

Today, Dogstudio carries out forty percent of its activities abroad. Such figures foretell a glorious future for these four fellows from Namur while Gilles Bazelaire, a digital content specialist, already had opportunities to sign several prestigious deals with big companies such as Adobe, a fact underlined by Nicolas Moies –Duval, Gilles Bazelaire’s associate in charge of the company’s development in the USA.

The Dogstudio agency refuses however to relocate the whole team overseas. The Chicago bureau has six employees, the Mexican adventure will start in duo: one person will be there permanently whereas Bazelaire will do round trips as he and his colleagues wish that most of their activity remains in their home country.

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